Alma Brava

The project began with the need to create a brand for a high-quality mezcal that could compete in a demanding market, standing out from its competition with a daring and innovative presence but without losing the elegance that represents the quality and tradition of the processes with which mezcal is created.


It was intended to make an elegant and delicate graphic identity, so it was necessary to create a verbal identity in which courage, daring, and pride could be transmitted, reaching the name Alma Brava, which means Brave Soul. An elegant, bold name invites us to pay attention to that piece of our soul that fights to accomplish our dreams without fear of the limitations that may appear along the way.


Made in the heart of Mexico, through a magical, mysterious and traditional process, this brand represents everything that mezcal is: heritage, culture, and tradition, which blends into an attitude of pride and courage that invites you to break your limits, finding in ourselves the essence to face challenges with our Alma Brava.

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