Mundá is a real estate development located on the coast of Guerrero, Mexico, being one of the leading destinations for surfers all around the world. La Saladita, the name of the beach, is home to one of the most innovative projects in the area, developing long-term stay lofts for visitors from all over the world. The architecture and the design used to create these buildings are inspired by nature, using organic forms and materials that get along with the environment they are surrounded by.


The main challenge was to create a coherent brand that respects the environment around it, caring for its future, and, at the same time, seeks to be modern and attractive to surfers around the world. The project had no name or concept, so we had to work from zero to get the final results, working alongside the client to respect their vision. 


The result was a natural and organic brand that, along with its graphic style, invites users and inhabitants of the area to be aware of the natural space while at the same time contributing a great aesthetic to the environment. It is a brand that becomes part of the scenery, turning this virgin-isolated area into a place where you can find the services and luxuries you need to be able to connect with both nature and modern life.

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