Torre Avancer

Torre Avancer is an award-winning building, designed to resemble the environment and the minerals of the city in which it stands, San Luis Potosí. Its design comes with a powerful message: to bring back the industry to this city, to be a place where companies and their collaborators can develop, but also a place meant to become a space for new ideas, art, music, food, and culture.


First it was the building, then it came the brand, so the challenge for Torre Avancer was to reflect 

the exceptional architecture design. We not only did the logo, but also the whole iconography for the tower. The idea was to follow the same minimalism and regionalism that can be seen in every corner of Torre Avancer, and to come up with something that is able to adapt to the many companies and events that this space is meant to host.


The result is a simple but yet powerful brand, that resembles everything that Torre Avancer seeks to be, a space for ideas, hard work, and culture, putting in the middle everything that this city has to offer, and being flexible enough to be serious when it has to be serious, but also fun, relaxed and close when the occasion allows it.

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